Class Actions

A class action is a procedural vehicle which allows one representative to sue on behalf of a group to assert a collective right. A class action facilitates access to justice, minimizes costs, and ensures the coherence of the justice system. 

How Does It Work

A class action has three stages:


Preliminary authorization hearing which is a filtering process with a low burden of proof;


Once the class action is authorized, the trial proceeds like any other trial;


Enables class members to collect the money owed to them on a collective or individual basis

Our Class Actions Lawsuits

Toitures T.B. Boyer inc. c. Pages Jaunes solutions numériques et médias limitée
C.S.M. 500-06-000931-184
Status : Class Action authorized on March 13th 2019.

This class action was launched against Pages Jaunes Solutions Numériques et Médias Limitée in order to (i) sanction a commercial practice and a billing policy which may run counter to the right to unilaterally terminate a service contract and (ii) to obtain damages for the class members on an individual basis.If you tried to cancel your contract with Pages Jaunes and were still billed for services rendered after you unilaterally requested the termination of your contract, you could be a member of this class action lawsuit.


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